Assembling a Costume: Step 3

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Well THAT was a long jaunt between posts!  Since the last time I posted, I attended the local CONvergence in Bloomington, Minnesota, and had the opportunity to attend San Diego Comic Con.  It was a GREAT experience, especially in costume!

I also went to the Boundary Waters for the first time, touched Canada, did a photo shoot of some of my newer costumes, made a wedding dress, contracted mononucleosis, and have been working on several different projects for my sister, who is expecting twins!  I hope to share my many projects here, but I’ve also tried to be diligent about posting more to my Facebook and project photos on Instagram.

So where were we?

Step 1 was Research.


and the long awaited step 3 is:

Step 3: Your Own Take

Did you know that, in filming the final scenes of “Grease,” Olivia Newton-John had to literally be sewn into her pants?  She looked amazing, but if that’s a look you want to replicate, you might also need to be able to escape to – frankly – pee.  And while Reinette’s dress from the “Girl in the Fireplace” episode of Doctor Who would be fun to do as a full French gown, with French undergarments, if you’re going to a convention in July, exercise pants might be more suitable than linen bloomers.

Queen Susan

Part of the fun of being a costumer – from where I stand – is being able to do your own thing with it.  For Susan Pevensie, I made my own dress that I knew I’d be able to wear again at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival or use as a base for some other costume ideas I have.  I had the opportunity to make a quiver out of horn.  Susan has long hair, so for the photo shoot, I styled my short hair around a headband and added a leather leaf to the back.

susan back
susan side

SHIELD Agent Maria Hill

Hill traveled with me to San Diego, and ended up on a Disney XD segment called “On the Red Carpet: Disney Fandom Edition,” where I mostly talked about how I had made the costume myself and was lucky enough to have found a “Coulson Lives” button the previous day.  It travels well, however, I ended up leaving the boots behind due to them having developed a murder-suicide pact with my legs over the course of the weekend and not checking with me first.  I have a pair of shoes I’m planning to add on to for when this costume makes another appearance.

Hill Jeep

Hill post

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