Gallery Update and Outtakes from the Shoot

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It’s been a long time coming – I was able to wrangle a photographer to take some more costume photos!  The gallery is refreshed with lovely CONvergence goodies – Jubilee, Rufio, and Katniss.  Special thanks to my BFF, Jenn Farmer, for bringing her good camera over and taking these shots!

A few of them were perfect for the gallery.  Here’s the few that are perfect outtakes.

As Jubilee, I was being overly critical of my “superhero” technique.  I didn’t remember how Jubilee rolled, but I knew it wasn’t with “kamehameha” or “hadouken,” and certainly not “jazz hands,” but we have shots of those.

As Rufio, I was climbing on the pieces of the yet-to-be-assembled play structure in my yard.  It was not, as they say, structurally sound.  Once I scaled it, however, I found I had an audience – my two-and-a-half year old Tiny Roommate and her father, watching from the kitchen window.  So I started making funny faces at them, and they turned out to be the best shots we got of the costume.  I love them.

As Katniss, there was a lot of spinning involved for the ruffles on the Girl on Fire dress, so some came out as a blur, and some came out with me stepping out of frame.  I used a couple of those anyway because the dress looked amazing!


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