CONvergence 2012: Rufio from “Hook”

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My love for this film has only grown in the twenty-one years since it came out.  I think that that’s probably because I’ve grown up, but made a concerted effort at not growing old.  It’s part of the reason I costume – it’s an excuse to play dress-up!

Rufio was FUN.  I got to run down hallways yelling “BANGARANG!”, hear folks shout “RU-FI-OOOOOOO” after me, and walk into party rooms and crow like Pan.  Totally worth it.

The costume itself is a pair of black jeans, a shirt with a ruffle neckline, and a faux-leather jacket with a few accessories.  Doesn’t sound too tough… and then you add the distressing and fringing elements.  Making all that fringe took a while, but as I cut and cut, the jacket looked more and more like Rufio’s, and that made it more than worth it.  The black jacket with a red lining was LUCK.  I found the jacket, shirt, and jeans at the Goodwill in Woodbury, MN.  Pure kismet.  The fringed “belt” is the bottom of an old turtle neck my mom gave me to use for fabric.  The moccasins were a Christmas gift from a while back, and I was lucky to find them in one of my boxes of stuff.  The tooth necklace, though – that was my roommate, Kathy, who majored in anthropology, and handed it over as soon as I told her my idea for this costume.

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