CONvergence 2012: Kaylee’s “prairie harpy” dress and Inara’s purple gown from “Firefly”

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Inspiration for Kaylee:

Source: still-flying.net via Maggie on Pinterest


Inspiration for Inara:

Source: still-flying.net via Maggie on Pinterest


Inspiration for our photo:

Source: still-flying.net via Maggie on Pinterest



Not going to lie.  I’m a Browncoat.  I love “Firefly.”  I love “Serenity.”  I love putting together costumes for these characters.  And over the past couple of years, I’ve had the good fortune to have people ask me to do it.

For Halloween last year, I had two friends ask for Inara gowns – and it would have been a daunting task had it not been for the fact that they each wanted the same gown!  I won’t blame them, either; the purple “pilot” gown is gorgeous.  We found the fabric as SR Harris, and I managed to create two unique gowns for two unique women based on a medieval dress pattern that I freely altered.

As for Kaylee – it’s amazing how many Jumpsuit Kaylees you’ll see at a CON, and I decided to not be one of them.  The prairie harpy dress appears in my two favorite episodes of Firefly – “Out of Gas” and “The Message.”  Plus, it’s July, and it requires few layers.  I had a limited amount of fabric, so I took a few liberties with the construction of the sleeves (they’re quilted) and the lining (it’s the first Renaissance Festival skirt I ever made).  The fabric ended up looking BRIGHT and PINK against my tanned skin, so I tea-stained it back just enough that the dress matches me a little bit more.  Due to my short hair, I paired it with a tan/brown kerchief around my hair as a disguise.

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