CONvergence 2012: Hipster/Modern Jubilee from the X-Men

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Jubilee was a last-minute decision, someone I suddenly wanted to be in the heat of coming up with ideas immediately before CON.  I have short hair that’s perfect for the role, and this year’s theme is “Wonder Women,” so a comic book superheroine was in order.  I had recently purchased the cranberry skinny jeans at Target – a sale rack impulse buy at $7.  I’d had the blue corset for a couple of years.  A friend provided the glasses.  The gloves were a painstaking process of wanting to go one way with it (fiberoptics, LED or EL wire) and deciding to instead go easy on myself and use glitter.

It’s the jacket that sold it for me.  When I got the idea for Hipster Jubilee, I thought about it good and hard for a little while, wondering if I’d be able to execute the look properly.  So I hit Etsy.  Every hipster’s got to have something vintage, right?  So I looked for vintage yellow jackets.  And there it was.  A vintage canary yellow Jonathan Logan jacket with a wide lapel.  Perfect color.  Perfect fit.

I spent the entire night giving and receiving high-fives.  Worth it!

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