Finishing Touches: Jewelry Storage for a Non-Girly Girl

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People are shocked when they realize I don’t have pierced ears.  It’s actually a pretty hilarious reaction, and helps to reinforce why I don’t – if you didn’t notice by now that they’re not, why would you notice if they were? (And why should I be in charge of the upkeep? Come on, people.)

What I do wear, though, on occasion, is necklaces.  I love them.  But they’re hard to store in a way where you can see all of them, and you don’t get them all tangled up.

So I started to look out for jewelry storage ideas, but most of them were super-clever ways of storing earrings – pegboard, drawer pulls, ice cube trays… but I don’t wear earrings, so none of those would work for me.

And then I remembered that I had nabbed a few wooden boxes on craigslist from an adorable woman who moved here to Minnesota from Soviet St. Petersburg.  I’ve always loved the look of vintage boxes, and these were particularly lovely.  So I went to the pile and pulled out the perfect one for jewelry storage – I’m pretty sure it had been used to ship a bottle of wine at some point.

I started this project just before I moved.  I knew that I wanted to paint my bedroom grey, and that I wanted to put a little bit of a finish on the box to help bring out the grain and bring it into the room a little bit, too.  I mixed water with a bit of white primer I found over at my mom’s to achieve a bit of a “milk paint” look.  One pass over the unsanded pine proved that my instincts were dead on.

The grain popped immediately, and the color of the wood toned down.  Also, the box was so old that the water and paint soaked right in and made themselves a little home there.  I added layers and layers of the paint mixture until I was happy with the color I was seeing. I didn’t paint the back – it was going to go against a wall, and then I had a surface to set it on to dry.

Once the paint was dry, I screwed a few cup hooks to the bottom. That was the kicker. The cup hooks went on for hanging my necklaces. Then I screwed it into the wall – one screw in the middle towards the top, and one in the middle towards the bottom into a stud in my wall. I shook it a little bit to make sure it’d stay, and then got to using it for storage.  The jewelry box on top and the glass ring-holder have been Christmas gifts over the years, and my sister brought the carved wooden box back from South Africa for me.  Since these pictures were taken, I added a necklace bag my cousin brought back from a trip to China.  This display’s truly a world traveler!

And I’ve got to say – I’m pretty happy with the end result!

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  1. Pretty sure I have the same or a very similar silver jewelry box. You are giving me ideas for all my unruly tangled jewelry!

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